We offer turnkey solutions to our clients and corporate partners, with the aim of assisting organizations and teams in getting the greatest benefit from their data science initiatives. Our track record in massive data analytics including machine learning has been recognized with industry awards and conference speaking opportunities, and ties to our insight and knowledge base about the complexities in biomedical AI.

BioSymetrics services are available in several different ways, from our comprehensive technology solution implementations formalized in licensing agreements to consulting engagements and ad hoc projects.  Below, we outline some of our most common services and welcome you to contact us about your specific needs.

  • Customizations

AugustaTM is designed to provide customizations for the multitude of complex biomedical problems in the sector today. Our core platform provides a strong foundation of capabilities, while we understand that some use cases could be unique, in which case we will quickly put a team around developing additional custom capabilities for new use cases.

  • Training

While deploying AugustaTM and SymetryMLTM is a very intuitive process, BioSymetrics’ talented team of data scientists is available to assist with the implementation as well provide ongoing support.

  • Consulting and Data Science Subject Matter Expertise

BioSymetrics’ data science team is available for consulting, and conference speaking engagements that are related to customized big data solutions, predictive modeling and reporting, data analytics, and more. Our strong team of data scientists have worked closely with our clients historically to enhance the client experience, and work with our users to optimize outcomes for each use case

  • Technology Deployment

We will work with you to deploy our technology where it makes sense, whether it is a cloud solution, private cloud, or private servers.