Uniting Against COVID-19

Already working with clinicians, leveraging international collaborations to put prediction platforms in place, and re-investigating our drug lead pipeline, BioSymetrics will pursue any collaboration to have a positive impact against COVID and support the heroes working tirelessly in the hospitals and clinics around the world.

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De-noising CMap L1000 Data

As with any assay, L1000 data is noisy. Experimental replicates (the same compound tested on the same cell line under the same conditions) often result in different levels of expression being measured. The process of de-noising the L1000 data makes it easier to see true assay response, and pick a representative concentration for each compound.

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MedTech Showcase 2020

Gabe Musso, Chief Scientific Officer will be leading a presentation on how BioSymetrics is redefining AI-based Drug Discovery during the MedTech Showcase at #JPM2020.  Topics will include how phenotype prediction can increase certainty of compound effects in vivo, identify off-target effects, reduce toxicity and shorten the path to market.

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Talking BioTech Podcast

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (Episode 214)

Dr. Kevin Folta discusses how the genomics era has generated tremendous data sets, yet the information they reveal is limited by the human biases that search them.  Are there ways to examine complex data sets for hidden patterns that can unearth new perspectives in biology?  This is the role of machine learning, and the patterns form the basis of artificial intelligence that then executes new tasks.  While these concepts seem difficult to fathom, Dr. Gabe Musso makes them understandable, and describes the ways they may be applied in contemporary contexts.

The Business of Healthcare Podcast

Anthony Iacovone, Chairman of BioSymetrics, joins host Dr. Bob Kaiser for a discussion about what biomedical artificial intelligence and machine learning are and how they can be used to improve outcomes in the areas of drug discovery, clinical diagnostics and value-based care as well as reduce healthcare costs.

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