FDA developing new rules for artificial intelligence in medicine

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It’s very encouraging to see the FDA showing forward thinking when it comes to AI/ML-based diagnostics. Even the best model can be outdated quickly given the changing data landscape, making frameworks like Augusta that allow for model refinement and evolution to be crucial. We welcome this mindset as we work with our partners to build more interpretable and more adaptable diagnostic models.

FDA developing new rules for artificial intelligence in medicine

‘Contingent AI’, What is it?

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Machine Learning with ContingentAI
What is Contingent AI? Heard about it?
But don’t know what it means?
In any data science pipeline there are a number of options that are selected for data processing (e.g. contrast settings for medical images, data imputation approaches, bandpass filter cut-offs for ecg signals). Typically, these options are selected manually based on previous experience of the Data Scientist or recommendations from previous, similar studies. In contingent AI, any “settable” parameter for data processing, data integration, or feature selection is permuted and the corresponding effects on the downstream predictive model measured. This process is similar to hyperparameter tuning in machine learning, however instead of optimizing only the machine learning model, the entire data science pipeline (including model selection) is subject to optimization.

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Dr. Calum MacRae to Become Senior Advisor to BioSymetrics

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Dr. Calum MacRaeAdvocate for healthcare technology innovation joins BioSymetrics in a mission to empower the application of AI within biomedicine.

NEW YORK, February 7, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – BioSymetrics, an artificial intelligence and machine learning SaaS company, announces Dr. Calum MacRae as Senior Advisor.  Dr. MacRae is an innovative pioneer in genetics, biology, and drug discovery.   With his deep knowledge and expertise, Dr. MacRae will assist BioSymetrics in the design and application of the company’s software for use in drug discovery, precision medicine and health systems.

“The introduction of AI into medicine is challenged by a fundamental defect of information content and standards,” said Dr. Calum MacRae. “BioSymetrics is leading the promise that we are entering an era in which precision medicine and AI finally attain real world applications; overcoming a number of AI challenges across a wide spectrum of biomedicine.” Read More


BioSymetrics will be attending the AI-PI conference, Feb 27-28 in San Francisco.  Be sure to catch our presentation:

Building Automated Workflows for Drug Discovery Applications
  • Overcoming unwanted bias and time lost in data processing and management
  • What is “Contingent AI?”
  • Case Study: Autonomous Drug Screening
Speaker:    Gabriel Musso, PhD   Chief Scientific Officer

Past Events

  • BioSymetrics has been selected to present on January 9th at MedTech Showcase 2019 in San Francisco. Full schedule here
  • BioSymetrics CSO Gabriel Musso, PhD, will be speaking at AI Applications in Biopharma Summit on October 25, 2018 in Boston. Join scientists and research executives as we discuss challenges and practical ways forward in implementing AI initiatives.
  • October 2018: Check out the latest market intelligence on healthcare and biopharma AI innovations via TechEmergence. Coverage highlights BioSymetrics, and importance of AI ML capabilities for processing disparate data types in R&D and drug discovery. Full article here
  • Plug and Play, the largest global innovation platform, has selected BioSymetrics for Health Batch 7. This premier accelerator program, headquartered in Silicon Valley, is designed specifically for companies revolutionizing the future of health care. Learn more here
  • BioSymetrics to attend the 5th Annual World Congress on Predictive Analytics in Health Care, September 13-14th in Boston. Full #wcCONNECT18 conference agenda here
  • July 2018: BioSymetrics announces Strategic Advisory Board (SAB). See full press release here
  • BioSymetrics’ Principal Data Scientist, Victoria Catterson, PhD, is speaking at Shopify’s June 28th Data Oragami event on AI and data analytics. Registration and program overview here
  • BioSymetrics announces 2018 participation in the NVIDIA Inception Program. Resources provided by NVIDIA will be leveraged during product development to further our AI advances in drug discovery and predictive modeling platform technology.
  • BioConnect event hosted by Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC), Venture Cafe at 1 Broadway, Kendall Square. The April 26th speaker line-up includes Wendy Tsai and William Hoiles, PhD of BioSymetrics. To learn more click here
  • Join BioSymetrics at the Toronto Machine Learning Summit – Healthcare series – on March 28, 2018, at RBC Corporate. Network with AI thought leaders. To attend click here
  • Access biomedical AI insights in our BioSymetrics White Paper on predictive analytics and machine learning of integrated biomedical data.  To download this report click here
  • BioSymetrics Machine Learning Event: Register for our February 20th webinar here
  • Revolutionizing Data Science in Healthcare and Life Sciences: BioSymetrics launches Augusta™ Machine Learning platform for biomedical AI customers in R&D, pharma, and technology industries – news release here
  • BioSymetrics to present at MedTech Showcase 2018 during JP Morgan Healthcare, January 8-10, 2018 – announcement & schedule here
  • BioSymetrics presentation at the Canadian Applied and Industrial Mathematics Society conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia, July 19, 2017
  • BioSymetrics selected to present at TechTO, July 2017 – video available here
  • BioSymetrics awarded 1st Place in SAP competition on AI and the Enterprise “Most Innovative AI Solution” in Toronto, March 29, 2017