Bias is a challenge within any data set.  And is amplified when multiple data sets are used together.

BioSymetrics Dataset De-noising with Contingent-AI™ permutes normalization options to identify/remove batch survey effects in all applications of your data, detecting and correcting for bias along the way.


  • Novel Drug Discovery
  • Target Screening


With Dataset De-Noising, single or multiple datasets pass through multiple workflows using our patent pending Contingent-AI™ framework:

  • Bias detection engine
  • Bias correction

Common Data Types:

  • High Content Screening
  • High Throughput Screening
  • Target Screening


Dataset De-Noising will generate a data set that is machine learning ready, and corrected for bias.

You also receive a report identifying each element of bias detection and correction that was applied to the data.

Time and Price is dependent on complexity of data and compute requirements.
Contact us to learn more and receive a sample report.

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