The MOA prediction platform leverages our patent pending Contingent-AI™ framework to predict molecular mechanism underlying phenotypic screens and follow-on assays.



With BioSymetrics MOA prediction platform, small molecule phenotypic screens are processed through the below workflows:

  • Clustering public datasets
  • Denoising datasets
  • Cluster enrichment
  • Ranked compound listing
  • Bias detection engine

Common Data Types:

  • Animal models
  • Cell culture models


In usually less than three weeks, the MOA prediction platform will generate a detailed reporting dashboard including target/pathway predictions and accelerated hit prioritization.

Time and Price is dependent on complexity of data and compute requirements.
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Apart from innovating the novel drug discovery process using Contingent-AI™ machine learning techniques, the MOA prediction platform is also used in drug repurposing/ drug repositioning as it can facilitate the discovery of new mechanisms of action for old drugs as well as new classes of medicines.

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Novel Drug Discovery

  • Identification of mechanism of action (MOA)
  • Virtual drug screening
  • Hit Expansion
  • Pathway elucidation
  • Toxicity prediction
  • In Silico library screening
  • Library prioritization

Drug Repurposing / Drug Repositioning

  • Polypharmacology
  • Multilabel classification
  • Side effect prediction
  • Off-target prediction
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