I hope everyone reading this is keeping well. Like all of you, we were taken aback by the abrupt and severe rise of COVID-19 and have been wondering how to have a positive impact. I’d like to share how our company is doing what it can during this time.

First, we’re using our prediction platform specifically to look at outcomes for patients with COVID-19. There is a tremendous effort right now to collect and collate outcomes data for COVID-19, and we’re particularly focused on how emerging data sources can be de-biased and combined effectively. We’re working with clinicians, and leveraging work done in international collaborations to put prediction platforms in place, which we hope can help the medical practitioners on the front lines. We’re also re-investigating our drug lead pipeline, combing through our results and reaching out to collaborators to investigate if any of our early stage drugs may be relevant in the fight against COVID-19.

I applaud the work currently being undertaken by my AI colleagues, academic and in industry, in Canada and throughout the world, and officially put out the offer to all that BioSymetrics will pursue any collaboration to have a positive impact against COVID. So if you are looking for an AI partner or just want to bounce an idea off of someone, consider my virtual door always open.

To the heroes working tirelessly in the hospitals and clinics around the world, and to the unsung heroes of this pandemic keeping the world’s necessities running, I give you all of my thanks and pledge that we are in this with you together.

Gabe Musso,
Chief Science Officer,