White Paper: Using Contingent AI™ to Discover Targets and Mechanism of Action from High-Content Imaging Screen

BioSymetrics is applying artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities to the discovery and development of new drugs using a proprietary Contingent AI™ platform.

White Paper Summary: The Application of the Mechanism of Action (MOA) Prediction Platform to high-content imaging (HCI) screening dataset (RxRx-19 COVID data set) allowed us to:

  • Set an optimal “hit” cut-off for the dataset. Defining any cut-off to an experimental dataset for determining “hits”, is too often done manually or based on assumed approaches. This case study demonstrates how iteratively applying our MOA framework using a Contingent AITM approach, we were able to objectively define a cutoff threashold that provided maximal insight for this dataset.
  • Identify novel COVID-relevant disease mechanisms. Running the MOA prediction framework identified 22 molecular mechanisms as novel targets to pursue in COVID therapeutic design.

The approach and results are described in detail with graphs and tables as supporting evidence.

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