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BioSymetrics software empowers healthcare and biomedical R&D innovation.


We created the first biomedical specific machine learning framework to increase precision, shorten timelines, and improve discovery.

The Augusta™ software platform significantly improves time-to-market and drives innovation.  Augusta Architect (v2.0) enables data scientists to automate the tasks of pre-processing and management of disparate data, with integrated analysis, feature engineering, and predictive modeling in a single, easy-to-use framework.

Augusta™ Architect is live



& Research

Biopharma, Pharmaceutical, and CRO’s can rapidly leverage the power of AI and ML to enable lead compound discovery and trials.  Easy to deploy, the Augusta™ framework enables faster pre-processing and model interrogation.

Diagnostics &



Utilize advanced artificial intelligence to classify subpopulations and tailor medical treatment to individual characteristics.  The Augusta™ platform analyzes and draws inferences from vast amounts of data points, improving quality of patient care, enabling cost-effectiveness, reducing readmissions and mortality rates.




Hospitals, healthcare systems, and medical groups can improve institutional operations, finance and research programs.  Applying machine learning (ML) to EMR’s, billing, admissions, radiology, cardiology, neurology, oncology and obstetrics (to name a few).


AugustaTM  is a biomedical Machine Learning (ML) framework designed to integrate data pre-processing into model building and interrogation.


We offer turnkey services to our clients and corporate partners, with the aim of assisting organizations and teams in getting the greatest benefit from their data science initiatives. Our track record in massive data analytics including machine learning has been recognized with industry awards and conference speaking opportunities, and ties to our insight and knowledge base about the complexities in biomedical AI.

BioSymetrics services are available in several different ways, from our comprehensive technology solution implementations formalized in licensing agreements, to CRO consulting engagements and ad hoc projects.

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