The Future of AI in Biomedicine

Empowering Healthcare and R&D Innovation with Leading Data Science Expertise

We’ve built data science tools for automated pre-processing, integrated analytics, and predictive modeling to make machine learning accessible to scientists and providers.

Our technology serves health and hospital systems, biopharma, drug discovery, and precision medicine.



Our Augusta™ ML technology platform performs advanced pre-processing on complex data types, and can work from siloed and raw data. Augusta uses containerization for deployment across multiple architectures, and is scalable for big data.



Our software addresses problems faced by organizations using AI for biomedicine and chemistry. Our tools enable data of multiple types and sizes to be explored and modeled so you gain greater insights, while minimizing time spent on pre-processing, cleaning and standardizing data.



Our team leverages professional experience in both medicine and technology. Our solutions are underpinned by cross-disciplinary expertise in life sciences, chemistry, genomics, bioinformatics, computational biology, and health IT.



We offer turnkey solutions to our clients and corporate partners, with the aim of assisting companies in getting the greatest benefit from their data science initiatives. Our track record in massive data analytics including machine learning has been recognized by several industry awards, and ties to our insight and knowledge base about the complexities in biomedical AI.