The Future of Medical Data Science

Empowering Artificial Intelligence for Biomedicine

The AugustaTM platform provides automated pre-processing, integration, analytics, and machine learning for diverse medical data types



BioSymetrics is transforming the science of Massive Data analytics and prediction through its groundbreaking pre-processing and analytics platform for complex biomedical data types which incorporates our “one-pass” machine learning platform



BioSymetrics brings together massive data, data mining, and real-time processing which enable data of any type, size and dimensionality to be explored and modeled with unprecedented speed and accuracy. These features lend themselves very well to challenges in the biomedical industries looking to predict outcomes and gain actionable insights in real time.



The BioSymetrics leadership team possesses significant domain expertise and professional experience in data science, medicine, and healthcare technology.  Our solutions are underpinned by cross-disciplinary capabilities in AI machine learning, predictive analytics, massive data, bioinformatics, computational biology, healthcare IT, and advanced image processing and pattern analysis.



We offer turnkey solutions to our clients and corporate partners, with the aim of assisting companies in getting the greatest benefit from their data science initiatives. Our track record in massive data analytics including machine learning has been recognized by several industry awards, and ties to our insight and knowledge base about the complexities in biomedical AI.