The Future of AI in Medicine.

Empowering healthcare and R&D innovation with leading data science expertise.

We’ve built the most advanced Artificial Intelligence SaaS platform with integrated data science tools serving value based care systems, biopharma, drug discovery, and precision medicine.

Our Augusta™ software platform includes automated pre-processing, integrated analytics, and predictive modeling to power machine learning across a wide spectrum of healthcare data types.



& Research

Biopharma, Pharmaceutical, and CRO’s can rapidly leverage the power of AI and ML to enable lead compound discovery and trials.

Diagnostics &



Utilize advanced artificial intelligence to classify subpopulations and tailor medical treatment to individual characteristics.  The Augusta™ platform analyzes and draws inferences from vast amounts of data points, improving quality of patient care, enabling cost-effectiveness, reducing readmissions and mortality rates.




Hospitals, healthcare systems, and medical groups can improve institutional operations, finance and research programs.  Applying machine learning (ML) to EMR’s, billing, admissions, radiology, cardiology, neurology, oncology and obstretrics (to name a few).


The AugustaTM platform allows rapid and effective integrated analytics and Machine Learning (ML) on many different kinds of biomedical and healthcare data types. Our AI ML platform capabilities include over 140 data modules that can be leveraged in data science and predictive analytics initiatives.

AugustaTM use cases include:

  • Bioinformatics, health informatics, and computational biology using:
    • MRI/fMRI and other imaging modalities
    • EEG
    • EKG/ECG
    • Genetics
    • Proteomics
    • IoT/Wearables data
    • EHR/EMR data
  • Real Time Integrated Analytics:  For example, combining genomics with clinical and patient monitoring data from your mobile device for personalized medicine applications.
  • Small molecule activity prediction
  • Patient care quality and program analysis
  • Drug discovery and development analysis
  • Hospital telemetry and operational data


We offer turnkey services to our clients and corporate partners, with the aim of assisting organizations and teams in getting the greatest benefit from their data science initiatives. Our track record in massive data analytics including machine learning has been recognized with industry awards and conference speaking opportunities, and ties to our insight and knowledge base about the complexities in biomedical AI.

BioSymetrics services are available in several different ways, from our comprehensive technology solution implementations formalized in licensing agreements, to CRO consulting engagements and ad hoc projects.

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