Company Overview

Founded in 2015, BioSymetrics is empowering healthcare and R&D innovation with leading data science expertise. Our work is focused on making end-to-end machine learning accessible to scientists and life sciences organizations.

BioSymetrics serves biopharmaceutical, precision medicine, and technology companies, and hospitals and health systems.

The BioSymetrics technology offering is a SaaS-based biomedical Machine Learning (ML) platform, Augusta™, that enables customers to perform automated ML and data pre-processing. Augusta’s automated iteration framework addresses the step in ML that is the most time consuming and error-prone, that of cleaning and pre-processing unstructured data for analysis.

Augusta™ performs member-level predictive analytics on many kinds of R&D, precision medicine, and healthcare data. The Augusta platform can work from raw data formats, applies robust feature selection methods, and conducts integrated analytics on siloed data and complex data types.

Augusta is GPU-implemented, Apache Spark distributed, predictive analytics and modeling technology. This platform incorporates our “one-pass” machine learning platform, and can power enterprise technology or be leveraged in the cloud.