Company Overview

Founded in 2015, BioSymetrics is a biomedical AI company that’s empowering healthcare and R&D innovation with leading data science expertise. Our work is focused on accelerating early stage drug discovery by building a more comprehensive view of human health and pharmaceutical research using AI..

BioSymetrics is based in New York, with offices in Toronto and Boston.

The privately owned company has participated in, and is a member of, several tech accelerators including MaRS and Plug-n-Play.


Our leadership team and strategic advisory board is a diverse set of industry experts and practitioners.
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BioSymetrics serves biopharmaceutical applications, as well as CRO’s, hospitals and health systems by performing predictive analytics on many kinds of R&D and healthcare data used in pharmaceutical research.

Machine Learning Technology

Contingent-AI™ is a patent pending automated iteration framework addresses bias detection and correction during pre-processing stages of machine learning and identifies additional feature sets for analysis that are contingent upon decisions made during bias reduction.

Machine learning technology is used in conjuction with an experimental practice, that allows BioSymetrics to uniquely combine both in silico and in vivo work to produce a faster, more precise set of predictive results for drug discovery research.

Our technology platform can work from raw data formats, applies robust feature selection methods, and conducts integrated analytics on siloed data and complex data types.


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